Male Actor, 35 – 55

A case of criminal acting.

APoster-A-role-faces gang leader whose memoirs are to be made into a movie comes face to face with the actor who will play him. The actor undergoes an ordeal by fire to prove that he is the right man. He steals, he deals, he toughens up and metamorphoses into an amoral villain. Just like his trade would require. method in the extreme.

“A Role” is being staged as part of the Page to Stage Festival in Liverpool. The show will be performed a minimum of five times over the two weeks – some evenings some day time shows.

Crime lord.  Very self-confident, thinks of himself as THE Alpha Male.

Rupert is a seasoned criminal. He’s been there, done that and managed to stay alive. He wrote his memoirs and someone wants to make the film. However, Rupert has some very fixed ideas as to how he should be portrayed.

Rupert is in his early to mid forties.

The successful actor must live in Merseyside as this is a profit share project.

To apply please email attaching a CV.