Directors and Producers

The Page to Stage Festival in Liverpool is looking for up to ten theatre directors and a small number of producers to work on a profit-share basis.

Page to Stage is a festival of new writing that will be staged in Liverpool during two weeks in April.

The festival will run from 3 April 2016, starting with a launch event to which press etc. will be invited, and will end on 17 April with an awards event (well, that’s the plan so far). During the fortnight, each of eight one-act plays and two full length plays will be performed a number of times at various venues. Directors-chair-P2S-small

As a producer, you would be expected to work with the writer who may not be able to travel to Liverpool and act as their representative, forming a production company for the purposes of staging the shows at the festival.

Each writer will be sent details of the applicants and the directors will be sent brief details of the scripts. After this, there will be a “speed dating” event (currently scheduled for 9 January) where the interested directors will meet the writers and decide with whom they would like to work.

The process for producers will be different to this and the logistic haven’t been worked out yet.

Between the appointing of directors and the performances, successful candidates will be expected to attend additional workshops and the casting event as well as the rehearsals. Rehearsal dates and times will be a matter for the individual companies.

The festival is run on an open-book, profit share basis with each company making their own arrangement for the distribution of their share of the show’s revenue. The Page to Stage festival company will only become involved in this process in the event of serious disputes. As this is a profit share, no travel expenses are paid to any of the cast or crew although the individual companies may make allowances when distributing the profits.


There is now an online form for you to upload your CV; it can be found here: APPLICATION FORM


All forms and CVs must be received by 2 January and preliminary round of interviews will be held on Saturday 9 January. in Liverpool.

Page to Stage has signed up to the Fringe Charter. Please click the link for more information: Fringe Charter