The Reluctant Celebrity

Not everyone wants to be in the limelight.

written by Clarke McWilliam and directed by Sam Davies

After footage of his heart-attack is posted on the internet, Ian Cartwright finds himself under intense scrutiny from all sides. This straight talking, genuine, victim of the media is loved by the public and the more he rejects celebrity and fame the more he is adored. His son Ashley wants to capitalise on his fame and negotiate media appearances. Two journalists, Nadia and Curtis, also want some of the action and will stop at nothing to get it. Nobody can be this perfect, they think, and start to look for anything that will contradict his spotless image. It seems there’s nothing Ian can do wrong but an employee of his knows something, something so important that he can demand a payrise without question. Ian’s wife Samantha fears that all this stress and attention will cause another heart-attack and demands that Ashley bring an end to it. It’s all too late though as Ian is about to drop a bombshell that will stop all the cameras. This is not a story about celebrity, or reluctancy, it is a story about secrets.

The Cast

Alan Kenny (Ian Cartwright)

Alan trained at The University of Life. His acting career took off when he started getting type-cast as a parent. He has appeared in several short films and music videos as ‘Father’ ‘Pop’ and ‘Estranged Male Parent.’ He is now expanding his range by playing Ian Cartwright aka ‘Dad’ in The Reluctant Celebrity.

Kathryn Rigby (Samantha Cartwright)

Kathryn studied Dance and Drama at Liverpool Theatre School and trained at St Helen’s College of Performing Arts and has worked professionally in the theatre and music industry for several years. She has performed in many theatre projects in and around the Merseyside area. She played catherine Higgins, one of the infamous Black Widows, in The Catacoombs, St George’s Hall, and she can be seen every year at The Liverpool Pirate Festival, Albert Docks as Arabella Drummond, infamous pirate.

Ewan Pollitt (Ashley Cartwright)

Charlotte Dowson (Charley Cartwright)

Charlotte has been performing in both amateur and professional film, television and theatre work since she was 5 years old. She loves working with cast and crew on different productions to gain as much experience as possible. She also enjoys creative writing, singing and dancing.

Amy Stout (Nadia)

Amy graduated from Elliott-Clarke Theatre School and College/Liverpool Media Academy and gained a HND in Performing Arts (Musical Theatre) in 2015. She is interested in Theatre, Musical Theatre, and Dance and has skills in aerial silks and hoop. Amy also teaches at The Pauline Quirke Academy and is a qualified fitness instructor. She recently played Linda in Curtain Up On Murder for Bravo Theatre Co. and is very excited to be part of Page To Stage Festival. 

Chris Chritchley (Curtis)

Nigel Goodwin (Donny)

Nigel is a Liverpool actor, writer and film-maker who has performed in several plays including ‘A Christmas Carol,’ ‘Doctor Faustus,’ and other productions by local writers. He has worked with three local theatre groups and is now making his debut at The Page to Stage Festival.

The Director

Sam Davies

The Writer

Clarke McWilliam’s scripts have been performed at various theatres around Manchester, including The Royal Exchange and the Contact Theatre. Keep it in the Family, a comedy about incest, was a runner-up in the BBC’s ‘Dangerous Comedy’ competition. He recently had a short script produced as part of the BBC’s Turn Up The Talent night at Media City and a monologue performed at The Bolton Octagon’s Best of Bolton evening.