Who Cares for the Carers?

written by Michael Rumney and directed by Hannah Kelly

Sisters Janet and Louise are poles apart in terms of geography and getting on. Their ideas on care for their elderly father who is suffering from Alzheimer’s also differ. Would a care home be suitable? Who will prevail and what will happen to the family home?

The Cast

Jane Hamlet (Louise)

Theatre credits include:
Mimi Smith in You Are Lennon (Ticket to Write Festival),
The Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland (Wirral Festival of Firsts),
Curley’s Wife in Of Mice and Men,
Elizabeth I in The Tudors (both Say Two Theatre).

Film and TV credits:
Rachel (Lead) in BoXeD (Hammerhead Films),
Opera Singer in Noble (Destiny Films),
Dr Nat Carlton in Within (TV Pilot),
Mary Flynn in The Con Game (Lumino Films),
Professor Amber Pons in Now I Am Become Death (Houston Jones productions).

Lead narrator / singer in Icepicks and Violets and New Dickensian (both DJ Productions),
Elizabeth Knight in Jane the Musical, based on the life of Jane Austen.

Stills photography:
Girlfriend in Santander’s current credit card campaign.

Lady Macduff in Macbeth (Chalice Media St. George’s Hall Shakespeare Celebration)

Kate Mulvihill (Janet)

Kate is a graduate of Liverpool John Moores University with a degree in Drama and English, and has received qualifications from LAMDA in Acting Performance. She has experience in many areas including acting, stage management and photography. She has worked with various companies in Liverpool including Hope Street Ltd, the Bluecoat, Keyhole Theatre and the BBC. Her work has taken her to venues across the North West including the Unity Theatre and the Gladstone theatre, as well as touring while performing in award-winning productions.

The Director

Hannah Kelly is the director of Bricks. She has recently graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a degree in Drama and English. She is an aspiring director and also has experience in acting and production management. Her achievements include: stage managing for Control 25, produced by All Things Considered; working as an Ambassador for the Lantern Theatre; co-developing three new pieces of work as part of Destination Everton; co-managing publicity for the Liverpool Screen School Showcase. After ushering in the event’s first year, she is excited to be directing in this year’s Page to Stage Festival.

The Writer

Michael Rumney has had short plays performed as part of the 24:7 scratch night evenings. He has worked with Organised Chaos with their Chaotic Combinations performances writing two monologues and two duologues, one of which, Hilltop, was voted the best by the audience in 2011. In 2014 his short play Inference was performed at the King’s Arms Salford as part of the Organised Chaos Perspectives Programme. A rehearsed reading of his play Quantum was performed at the King’s Arms in February 2015. He has also had two sketches on the TV programme Shoot the Writers.